GERBING Batch Histogram Correction

GERBING Batch Histogram Correction 13.3

It is a freeware to correct the histograms of images in batch mode
13.3.0 (See all)

'GERBING Batch Histogram Correction' is a freeware to correct the histograms of images in batch mode. You can improve pale images by a histogram check and subsequent histogram correction. The reason for pale images is a missing part of the brightness spectrum. The correction removes the paleness, the missing part of the brightness spectrum is produced by software. Even if you own a high-grade digital camera with build-in histogram correction, the camera can not always perform the histogram correction, for example when it was a snap shot and you did not have enough time.
The chance to improve an image by histogram correction is increasing the older the images are. It is quite possible that the producer of the images did not even know what a histogram correction is when he created the images. The program does accept images of the formats 'bmp dib emf gif jpg wmf'. The images can have been produced by your scanner or digital camera or you got them from other people.
The program is also perfect usable, if you only want to find the images for which a histogram correction is proposed. The actual histogram correction you then make manually with your personal Photo editor, using drag&drop from the selected row in the list 'found images with histogram errors' to your personal Photo editor.

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